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AUMATO has built a global reputation for innovative solutions for actuators, monitoring and control of process valves. Our focus on technology and delivering reliable products manufactured to the highest industry standards has made us the first choice for the world's leading craft companies and a trusted partner to develop better solutions in the future.

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Pneumatic Actuator Rotary Actuator, 90¡ã Quarter Turn Double Acting and Spring Return Actuator It can be equipped with a hand wheel mechanism......

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On-off and intelligent electric actuators are divided into angular travel, straight travel, multi-turn angular travel, and some multi-turn electric devices.

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AUMATO offers a full range of pneumatic actuator, electric actuator solutions ideal for quarter-turn and linear pneumatic valve applications in extreme process environments.

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AUMATO In thousands of applications has demonstrated installation savings up to 40 percent, improved flexibility, and reduced infrastructure requirements.


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